Donate to a Classroom or Participant

Looking to donate to a specific classroom or student / participant? Normally you would want to recieve the URL to the specific donation page directly from the student or teacher. If you lost the URL or can't remember it, then you can manually search by using the button below. If you are searching for a specific student you must first find the classroom and then select the student from the list on the classroom page. Keep in mind that last names are not collected (only last initial) to help protect students privacy so it's best to confirm your donation with the student. Thanks for your support!

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Make an Unaffiliated Donation

Want to just donate to the general campaign fund? No problem! Use the below button to make your donation today. Keep in mind that your donation will not be associated with any school, classroom, or student / participant. If you want to make a donation that will give a participant a chance at a college scholarship please use the "Donate to a Classroom or Participant" option. Thanks for your support!

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