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What is Responsibility?
Responsibility Is...
far reaching.
a choice.

If you talk to ten different people, you’ll probably get ten answers. Allow us to present a story…

Every morning a woman rises early to do something for her community. It’s so simple, yet so important. She stands on a street corner, rain or shine, to greet school children. She’s a crossing guard. She takes her job very seriously. She arrives before the sun is up. It is often cold. Sometimes it snows or rains. As the kids arrive, she takes the smaller ones by the hand and helps them across the street. She literally guards them with her life as she helps them along the way. A simple act. But so vitally important. Responsible. Before she lets go of their hands she says, “I’ll be here after school. I want to hear what you learned. Have a great day.” She does this every day. With every kid. No exceptions. No excuses. A kind and simple act. Unnoticed and unimportant by the world at large. However, to the individual child, it means the world. So responsible.”

The Responsibility Foundation has made the Building Responsibility its sole purpose.  It exists to Educate, Engage, and Elevate the ideal of Responsibility as conveyed by world renowned author, psychiatrist, and Holocaust survivor, Dr. Viktor E. Frankl: his philosophy states we ALL have a responsibility and a stewardship, to ourselves, our neighbors, our communities, our country, and to the world to preserve our rights and our liberties into the future.

One of the greatest movements of the nineteenth century resulted in the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, being placed in the New York Harbor. The pedestal upon which it sits was paid for in part by the school children of America. They collected pennies, dimes, and even chickens to present the most well-known legacy of Liberty to the world. She was dedicated in 1886 by President Grover Cleveland and millions of Americans have been inspired by her as a symbol of the standard of Liberty ever since. 

World renowned author Dr. Viktor E. Frankl suggested a statue of responsibility be built on the Pacific Coast of the United States to bookend the Statue of Liberty on the Atlantic Coast. This would make the United States a physical metaphor for the equation:

Responsibility + Liberty = Freedom

Together these monuments will elevate all who see them as beacons of hope for a better tomorrow and complete the formula.

Our Foundation exists to shine a light on the responsible acts that happen every day…and by doing so…inspire more to take place.  What will be your legacy of responsibility?

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